Top 3 Fashion Designing Colleges in India 2020

Top Fashion Designing Colleges

Once done with class 12th, you are surrounded by thousands of options and advice, and it is quite easy to get influenced by that. At this time maintaining focus and not getting affected by people is of utmost importance.

For someone who has a creative bent of mind and loves to make sketches and art, then fashion designing can be a very fruitful option for you! Till this date, a lot of people don’t take fashion designing as a serious profession when compared to others. But with a bachelor’s degree in fashion in hand, you can do so much, and the choices are limitless! You can become a stylist, fashion designer, retail manager, textile designer and so much more.

Hence, to make your decision a bit easy when it comes to selecting the best fashion design college in India. Below lies the top 3 colleges in fashion designing-

1) National Institute of Design – NID  was established in 1961, and it has been the hub for research since then. Their main aim is to create designers of the 21st century, who are well aware of the trends but still have their own style. The Institute pushes their students to their limit and encourages them to do better. The client servicing team of the institute makes it a point that each and every student gets involved with real-life projects which gives them the taste of real-life situations.

2) Pearl Academy– Present since the last 25 years, the institute is globally renowned and focuses on internationalism, entrepreneurship, and employability. The curriculum is structured in a way that it allows the students to identify areas of interest within the fashion segments of apparel, textiles, and accessories and transition into the desired path. The academy makes it a point that it keeps their students updated with the upcoming trends with the help of their courses, seminars and events. When it comes to their faculty, you need to not worry, as they are well skilled in their respective fields. It’s safe to say that Pearl academy is one of the best fashion designing colleges in India.

3) NIFT– Established in 1986, the institute is a pioneer when it comes to fashion education. The academy has a carefully curated curriculum which maintains a balance between the global fashion industry and Indian design industry. It addresses the needs of the export market as well as both couture and ready-to-wear in India. Holistic inputs on generic design with a focused approach towards apparel inculcate the ability to develop and channelize creativity.  It was made a statutory institute in 2006 by an Act of the Indian Parliament with the President of India as ‘Visitor’ and has campuses all across the country. The degree given to the students of NIFT is recognized worldwide.

After you are done with your graduation in fashion designing a pool of career opportunities awaits you, and with a course like this, the scope of self-employment is also there. Hence, by the end of the course, you are industry-ready as a specialist in design.


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