How to Void a Check: Experts Advice to Avoid Fraud

How to Void Check

Voiding a check is essential to nullify checks and set up easy bill payments. The process of how to void a check is simple and fairly straightforward. You will need to void a check if you’ve made an error in writing the recipient’s name, amount or date. Checks are also required to be voided when filling out a direct deposit bank form after beginning a new profession to avoid fraud or any other criminal hacks for money exchange. 

Nowadays, check frauds are considered as a big challenge for both consumers as well as businesses due to which you should know how to void a check anytime you need for security. With the latest upgrades and recent advancement in technology, criminals can easily manipulate checks using online systems and deceive innocent people for money exchanging. 

Thinking about how to write a void check? Have a look at the expert’s advice to avoid check fraud and below are the straightforward ways that will help you avoid someone fraudulently using your check. 

Method1: Use a pen to void a check, not a pencil

To write a void check, you would either need to write void once in big bold letters all through check, or write it in the payment box, signature line, and “pay to the order of” segment.   

Option 1: Write void once

Your first option to void a check using a pen is simply to write the word void, all through the front side of check in bold letters. You can utilize this method if you doubt yourselves how to void a check for a direct deposit or how to void a blank check? This option is also good to void the check when you’ve made any mistakes while filling pay to order details, name and dollar amounts too.


Option 2: Write void three times across the check

You can prefer to write void in 3 separate segments on the check. This means that you can write void in the payment section, signature line and pay to the order details. This method is useful when the check is already filled out and after that you realize that you have committed some mistake in writing a check.


Method2: Just Cancel the Check After You Send

You have to be ensured about all the required information to void a check for cancellation. If you want to stop a check payment after you’ve sent it to someone or bank, you can just call and ask for cancelling the particular check quickly. The bank manager will ask you about the following details:

  • The check number, date and the specific amount the check was for.
  • The payee, that is an individual or organization who you’ve written the check  fro
  • The reason to stop the payment and cancel the check.

Method3: Void the check online 


Depending on your financial institutions, you will possibly be capable to cancel the check with the help of your online banking account. It’s necessary that you do this promptly. If the check payment has been processed, the only way to end it is by speaking to your bank directly and getting a stop payment order. Many banks charge a payment for this service.

You need to log into your account and inquire about out the customer services and other options offered by your depository. If you have the choice to void a check, select this and cancel the suitable check number.

Method4: Void check in QuickBooks. 

Another point of concern is QuickBooks. What if you are using QuickBooks and you want to void a check using QuickBooks? Learn how to void a check in QuickBooks.

When paying invoices to associates and valuable clients with the help of QuickBooks, you might make mistakes including entry of wrong amount or wrong recipient’s name. In such a scenario, you can utilize QuickBooks accounting software to void a check before confirming the banking transaction. Remember that the voided check will remain within the registry of application, but the amount of check will change to zero for security aspects and stop check fraudulent to ask you for money exchange. The check’s date, number, and payee name remains on the registry as an evidence of the void financial transaction.

Here is a step by step guide given below that helps you voiding a check in QuickBooks:

  • Click the option “banking” and then select “use register” button. Once you click use register button, it will ask you to choose the account name from which you have written the check.
  • After you select the account name, you need to click on the check number or the check entry that you want to void.
  • Click “edit” first and then “void check.” Click “Yes” when prompted with a message to void the check in the current period. This modifies your organization’s diary with the current date you are voiding the check on, and also, updates the amount of check to zero. 
  • Alternatively, you need to click the option “No”. This would void the check using the date on which the check was initially written on, without updating the company’s journal.
  • Click “Record” to complete the void process in QuickBooks.

Summing up how to void a check

Usually, an employer demands a voided check for direct deposit or debit. The financial institutions require check details only, not actual payment from it. A check is voided for errors in mentioning date, amount or payee information. As, the banks need check without errors to avoid further edits that raise security concern in future. 

If you are in a dilemma “how to void a check”, “how to void a blank check” or “how to void a check for direct deposit”, then use any of the above mentioned ways to void a check. Just clear about your needs about voiding a check and don’t overlook the expert’s advice to avoid check fraud. 


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