Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing an Early learning School for Kids

How to Start a Play School

Choosing the right playschool can be a stressful task for you as a parent. Values, manners, safety and etiquette, are some key points that you keep in mind. As a parent, you always want the best for your child, which is noticeable when you are choosing the first school for your child’s education.

Children are very easily influenced; they are made of the environment that they are raised in. This means that the environment they are in is the key to their core values and traits which are shaped at a young age. And so it is essential to choose a preschool where your child can imbibe all the necessary characteristics and values. 

In this modernized world, the concept of nuclear families has reduced, and so did the support systems, and you as a parent is busy. So the responsibility of early childhood grooming and education has fallen to the playschool.

Here are some points you should keep in mind before choosing a playschool:


Word of mouth is the most important while you finalize a playschool for your child. There are plenty of playschools in a locality of any city, but the quality and standards is a challenging aspect to judge on the first impression. A playschool with a good reputation in the real world and social media can help you choose the best playschool. The service standard and the quality of education and environment can help a preschool achieve a good reputation. These points can be a guiding factor for you as a parent and can help you in finding the best fit for your child.


Location of playschool is a crucial aspect that you should consider. The timings and distance are an essential factor because a child of that age is entirely dependent on you for travel and transportation. It is advised that you should choose a playschool which is close to your place of work or residence. This makes dropping and pick up easy for you.


You will find playschools all with a different price range. Education calls for investment, so make sure that you choose the best fit for your child and yourself. You should be sure that there is value offered for the price you are paying. 


As a parent, you must visit the playschool to assess the safety features and the facilities that are displayed in the brochures. Make sure that you ask about the infrastructure and safety processes. Also, check for the safety mats in the play area and quality of the toys. See if the playschool has enough space for the children because a lot of free space is required for children to move around and play the open space around avoids the possibility of getting hurt while they are playing around.


The two most important factors of playschool are the faculty and the curriculum. It is essential to see if there are proper faculties who are trained are hired by the school. The teachers play a crucial role in a child’s life. It is the teachers from whom the children learn. 

Make sure that you check the curriculum which is followed and how beneficial and advantages it is over the others. Also, check the types of activities that the teachers add to your child’s curriculum.

Choosing a preschool might be a time-consuming task, but then it is worth for the sake of your child. Kidzee from Zee learn is the best preschool chains in India. It has an extensive network of more than 1900+ centres in over 550+ cities. The school runs on a  proper design that is segmented into four different programmes – Nuvo, Play Group, Nursery and Kindergarten. 

Before you go to visit the school check out their website for the facilities and the school admission forms.


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